Wedding Registries

It’s amazing how many things are needed to establish a new household! Andrew and I are so excited to start our new life together, and we are grateful for whatever help we receive along the way.

You can check out our wedding registries here:











For those of you who may not know Andrew and me very well, here is a bit about us. : )

Andrew and I have been in a relationship since September 2015. The timing was perfect, as we both prefer the cold weather season. Fluffy blankets, fluffy sweaters… we love fluff. By October the weather started turning, and increasingly more of our evenings together were spent cuddling and watching movies – one of our favorite pastimes. We also enjoy going on walks, whether that be downtown or out in nature. Cliche as it may sound, we just enjoy being together. Quality Time is our love language. Our favorite date was dinner at a fancy restaurant, followed by standing on the 6th St bridge in downtown Grants Pass for two hours, just talking about life.

Fun fact; that was the only date that didn’t involve burritos. Granted, all things considered, we haven’t been on that many dates, but Andrew and I love Mexican food. Particularly burritos.

We both share an interest in photography, and often take my DSLR out on our excursions. Neither of us can sing to save our life, but we love listening to music and we shamelessly sing along (or rap, if we happen to be listening to Hamilton), even though it sounds terrible. And if ya don’t know, now you know.

I am a writer, and even though Andrew doesn’t quite understand the writerly part of me, he is very supportive of my writing, and he lets me rant about the agonies of writer’s block. Andrew is a mechanic, and even though I know next to nothing about cars, much less the mechanics of it, Andrew is patient when explaining how things work, and I enjoy listening to him work through whatever problem he is solving.

As a married couple, we want our home to be saturated with God’s love, and to be a place where all feel welcome. We want to be intentional about being hospitable and investing in people.

Marriage is an adventure, and as such has risks and trials along the way – what adventure doesn’t? – but it is so worth it. The exhilaration of living life with the one you love by your side, pressing onward and upward, living for Christ, each day a new opportunity, another gift. I know that it will be difficult at times, but absolutely worth every moment.

It is going to be an amazing, exciting journey. I can’t wait to get started. ❤